The Inspiration

Meet the 4-leggeds who inspired the creation of the Human Animal Wellness Center and the Second Chanc Animal Fund-

Bubba is a one of a kind, 11 year old, chocolate lab. He is a registered mental health therapy dog and enjoys going to the office with his mom! In his free time he enjoys long walks, long naps, short hikes, car rides, visiting friends, treats, and being right next to or sitting on his mom’s lap.



Chancy was a one of a kind therapy dog. Her first “paws on” experience was being able to visit the Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services in Minneapolis, MN. She helped pave the way form many to learn about and be touched by the uniqueness of the human animal bond.


Mr. Beauty boy was an amazing black quarter horse who lived to be 27 years old. Though he never served as an official therapy horse at an equine center, he was, to those who knew him, everything a therapy horse should be and then some. His legacy will live on forever.