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Human Animal Wellness Center

Our Mission

The Mission of the Human Animal Wellness Center is to help increase awareness to individuals regarding the importance of the human-animal bond.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Human Animal Wellness Center is three-fold:
1. To provide education and resources to individuals to aid them in better caring for their animals.
2. To advocate for animals in need by assisting people and their pets in crisis.
3. To help improve the overall quality of life of animals while improving the human-animal bo 

Our Goals

The Mission and the Vision of the Human Animal Wellness Center breaks down into the following goals:
1. Provide Resources– Providing a financial resource for pets and working dogs in medical emergencies or to help improve quality of life is the most important goal for the Human Animal Wellness Center. In order to work towards this goal, we have created the Second Chanc Animal Fund to help! For more information please see below or click the Second Chanc Animal Fund tab at the top of this screen!
2. Educate- The Human Animal Wellness Center believes in educating individuals to help them make informed decisions regarding the welfare of their pets. Our long term goal is to be able to partner with animal experts in communities who can teach workshops, host events, and educate schools by teaching ways to humanely care for their pets. To start with, we have provided you with a resource filled with information on various organizations and links to websites. You can find the resource by clicking HERE.
3. Advocate- The Human Animal Wellness Center believes in the power of advocating for the rights of animals. There are countless ways to do this, some of them include the following: inform yourself on animal rights; speak to your state representatives regarding putting more animal cruelty laws into effect; volunteer for animal causes, get to know your local animal rights organizations; and, donate to local animal charities! 

Second Chanc Animal Fund

The Second Chanc Animal Fund exists to help individuals with low or no income be able to afford medically necessary and emergency veterinarian costs. The fund was created in honor of my first dog, Chancy. During Chancy’s lifetime she had some medical issues which created expenses that were difficult to afford. Fortunately, there was a non-profit that assisted me in covering the costs of needed medical treatment for Chancy. The Second Chanc Animal Fund was created to be able to help indiviudals in the same way that I was helped with Chancy. The funds are intended to cover a portion of your need in being able to afford care for your animal. Decisions are based upon financial hardship, a supporting veterinarian statement of medical necessity, available funding, and eligibility. 

If you are ready to donate, please click the donate button and you will be given payment options. Thank you!

Stats for the Second Chanc Animal Fund

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